What does one coupon per guest mean

It is that simple. The one catch is that the manufacturer normally puts a limit on your free item. When you look at the coupon, you should completely disregard the photo you see printed on it.

Anatomy of a Coupon: How to Read Coupons - Couponing

It is for reference only. The wording identifies what product s the coupon can be used on.

  • "one coupon per party" does this mean per group or per person?.
  • 1-800-flowers coupon code free delivery!
  • vertx coupon code for pants;
  • How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy?

Manufacturers are smart. They will put a photo of the most expensive item in that product line, in hopes you will use it only for that item. However, if the coupon says you can use it on ANY toothpaste in that brand, then you can use it on the one on sale, not just the one in the picture.

How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy

Since the coupon says you can use it on the 2 ct, you will save more money by buying the smaller packages. Almost all coupons include expiration dates on them. The coupon can be redeemed through midnight on the date the coupon expires.

Cashiers will carefully review your coupons to ensure that they are not expired. Expiration dates are on coupons to help the manufacturers tell which offers are working and which are not. By only allowing their coupons to be redeemed for a select period of time, the manufacturers can decided whether to offer that same coupon again or if they need to try something else. Most coupons are manufacturer coupons, which means you can use them anywhere and at any store. However, there are some store coupons that you can use at the specific store.


Here are a few tips to notice the difference. They state it. See the coupon above.

2. What does “Limit one coupon per transaction” mean?

If you want to use coupons with WooCommerce, you first need to enable them in WooCommerce. Then Save Changes. Orders must be unpaid and you need to know the coupon code you wish to apply. When you split a discount across the cart, naturally, half values could occur which in turn can cause rounding issues once everything is summed up.

Once split between items, any remainder is applied one line item at a time until exhausted. The final total will then equal the applied discount total.

How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy

This is most important for fixed cart discounts. WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Got it!

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