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You can also port your number to the VoIP network and keep your existing number. After the first 3 months of your contract you may upgrade or downgrade your package at any time. You will be notified in your browser once you go out of bundle and if you are still connected to the Telkom Mobile network you can still access the Telkom website and App in order to top up even if you have run out of data. Should you cancel the contract early Telkom Mobile will as an early termination fee, recover R administration fee and also recover the device subsidy for the remainder of the term of the contract.

If you have a Telkom Mobile account then yes. If you have a Telkom Fixed Line account i. The hardware will be sent directly to the delivery address specified on the application form. Top tips to ensure speedy delivery: 1 Make sure any Telkom accounts you may have are paid up including fixed line accounts otherwise Telkom Mobile will not process new applications.

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Your Telkom application will follow the following process: Documents submitted by client to DSL Telecom — DSL Telecom submits documents to Telkom back-office -credit vetting — dispatch courier — back office ——courier dispatch- with warehouse — delivered to client. Once your hardware arrives your sim card is not yet active.


You need to sign the courier waybill and only after the courier gets back to the depot and scans in the waybill and sends to Telkom Mobile back-office will Telkom activate the SIM. Within the app you can check your data balances instantly, you can also top-up your data by purchasing a data bundle should you require. You can top-up your data within the Telkom Mobile App and the charge will be applied to your post-paid account.

In this case you have 2 scenarios to get more data: 1 Increase your account spend limit by calling Telkom Mobile or login via the website at www. You will then be able to make further top-up purchases via the App and those amounts applied to you post-paid account will reflect on your monthly post-paid account.

These top-ups will be instant and will be deducted from your bank account or credit card and will not be applied to your monthly account which means no need to adjust spend limits on accounts. Monthly subscriptions are billed in advance for payment 30 days later. Example: If your invoice date is the 1st March, Telkom will add to that invoice your full package subscription cost covering the upfront period 01 March — 31 March. Signed Consumer Application Form 2. Copy of ID Does not need to be certified 3.

Proof of Address Not older than 3 Months 4. Three Months' Bank Statements 5. Payslip Send the documents to sales dsltelecom.

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The documents we require: 1. Signed Application Form Attached 2. Signed Quote If not attached, please request 3. Company Registration or CK Document 4. Copy of Directors ID Does not need to be certified 5. Proof of Address Residential Address of Directors 6. Please still state your income and expenses on the application form. The process is usually quite quick at the police station and takes about 10 minutes. Bank statements need to be for the latest 3 months and the following should be noted: 1 Internet statements are NOT accepted 2 Statements that are e-mailed to you by your bank or sent to you via post are accepted.

For example if you submit an application on the 15th March then Dec, Jan and Feb statements should be fine. Sometimes it is safer to just go into the bank and get the latest. If for some reason you cannot or do not want to submit your bank statements then a letter from your bank indicating that the account is in good standing should suffice. Please send your application form and supporting documents to DSL Telecom who will process the entire application for you. Please call before-hand. For anything else please Call: There is an instruction book which comes with your Telkom LTE router.

When WS is working as wireless range extender, it can automatically detect the signal strength of wireless access point AP , users can select the best installation location according to wireless strength light. You just need to press WPS buttons on the device and WS to establish the secure wireless connection quickly. A fixed external Poynting antennae can be fitted to the exterior structure of your building to further enhance signal strength and stability. They work really well and are really worth the investment if you consider the time you spend online and the length you are likely to use the LTE service.

Data usage can be viewed on the customer zone. Does Vox apply pro-rata data allocation in month 1? Can I top-up my data if I run out? Does my data roll-over? No, your monthly allocated data will expire at on the last day of the month. Can I view my usage? You can view your usage by logging into the customer zone.

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Can I take my router with me and connect anywhere I go? What delivery charges will I be billed for? LTE Prices. Other Recommended Products. Find out more. Verification code incorrect, Please try again. Subscribe to our newsletter. Vox Telecom. All rights reserved. If the date chosen by you has passed, we will attempt to collect your first subscription fee before the end of the month.

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Get Connected In 3 Easy Steps. Check Your Coverage Although Cell C are rapidly expanding their infrastructure across South Africa, there are certain areas where coverage may be unavailable. Place Your Order Select the deal that best suits your data needs and start your online application.

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Plug In And Play. Am I Covered? R Per Month Check Coverage. Top up. Your Router. How do I insert my SIM card into the router? Where is the best location to place my router? How do I set up a WiFi connection on my device? Can I use an external antenna to boost the signal strength? How do I configure my router? Jika LTE Router. Speed: Up to Mbps download, up to 50Mbps upload Connectivity: Yes, this is possible. Please ensure the external antennas support correct frequency bands. How do I check if I am in the coverage area?

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What is LTE? How fast is LTE? What does the acronym LTE stand for? It is an international standard for wireless data transfer. Can I use my modem to access the internet anywhere I go? Do I need to pay a technician for installation and set up? Do I have to sign up for a contract?

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When will my SIM card be activated? Your SIM card will be activated within hours after delivery. Can I upgrade or downgrade my package? Does my inclusive data carry over from month to month? Can I purchase an additional data bundle if I use up my inclusive data before the end of the month? Do out-of-bundle rates apply? What happens if I cancel my subscription?

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